Innovation and tailored solutions in an ever-changing landscape

With a new technologies oriented vocation applied to the changing media consumption patterns, QinMedia stands for a trusted partner to join the customers in its technology migration journey.

Media Workflows

Automation, Media Management, Production, IP infrastructure for production, Creation and edition of media in the cloud

Media in the Cloud

OTT plattforms, Middleware, Contribution/IP Distribution

Media Central

Rights & Scheduling, Advertising Management


Wireless communications and 5G

Innovation and tailored solutions

Media Workflows


Playout has been an area in the media flow that has suffered on of the most dramatic evolution in the last decade. This transformation is being fueled by readily avaliable new plattforms as cloud or vistualized-based and a more integrated workload demand driven by the channel-in-a-box approach. Q in Media encompasses the widest range of playout plattforms available, from large playout On-Prem stations to cloud channels, providing an end to end workflow integration.

Media Management

Content Management solutions ensuring customer's valuable digital assets are indexed and securely stored, readily accessible and easily repurposed for multiple screens. A.I. based indexing tools, Automatic Quality Control, Post-Production workflows seamless integration. QinMedia support CAPEX and OPEX business models both On-Prem, hybrid or All-Could based platforms.


Global or partial technological solutions to render comprehensive workflows On-Prem, Cloud based or Hybrid for television environments. Ingest systems, shared storage, All-in-One type production tools, multicam production, etc. Production & Post-Production remote and collaborative end-to-end ecosystems based on a comprehensive toolkit: recording, edition, transcoding, logging, SlowMo, AI based SupeSlow processing, surveillance & VAR, etc

IP Core Infrastructure

Q in Media offers the best of breed of media technology and a vast experience on IP core technology for baseband Video over IP. From contribution, to distribution encompassing routing, processing, conversion, monitoring, etc; when it comes to a flexible, scalable, risk-free and pay-as-you-Go approach in the Video over IP migration journey, Q in Media offers proven solutions and a technically accomplished team to provide local support and go along with our customers through the IP migration path.

Cloud based media production, post-Production and workflow management

Thanks to its partners' cutting-edge technology, its skilled technnical team and its subsidiary company Compaas Media ( comprehensive profolio offer, Q in Media is in an unrivaled position to respond the market needs when it comes to cloud based production, media management, storage and postproduction cloud based workflows.

Media in the Cloud

Media Platforms

Video/Audio end-to-end multiformat encoding/processing plattforms for Mobile devices, Connected TV, PC, satellite, cable, IPTV. QinMedia provides consultancy and support services as well as integration works and tailored developments inside the global ecosystem.ideo/Audio end-to-end multiformat encoding/processing plattforms for Mobile devices, Connected TV, PC, satellite, cable, IPTV. QinMedia provides consultancy and support services as well as integration works and tailored developments inside the global ecosystem.


Video content platform middleware with the best-of-breed back office software modules giving the freedom and flexibility to customize and manage any service to provide our customers with plenty of choices. The modular nature of the solution streamlines the integration with different ecosystem modules as DRM, Encoders, CDN, etc.

IP Contribution Distribution

Fuelled by the Video transport over unmanaged networks (internet) emerging technologies momentum, media stakeholders are pursuing reliable paths for their valuable content distribution and contribution. Q in Media provides broadcast quality IP based wired and wireless streaming solutions over both internet and managed networks supporting RIST, SRT and other standard protocols

Media Central & Comunicaciones

Rights & Scheduling

Rights & Scheduling

Programming and rights management solutions enabling financial and business planning stakeholders in the corporation to improve media asset efficiency for their companies in a multi-screen based consumption landscape.
Advertising Management

Advertising Management

With the advent of new multimedia multiscreen delivery channels, content owners need to adapt their planning and management advertising systems to the new reality in order to leverage the monetization of their assets.
Comunicaciones inalámbricas y 5G

Comunicaciones inalámbricas y 5G

Q in Media supports a comprehensive portfolio of the most advanced Video Radiolinks ranging from a simple radio camera for news production to the most complex end-to-end systems for sport production, video surveillance, law enforcement and defence. Wireless video transmission products support last generation networks as 5G, Mesh or ad-hoc for either Broadcast or public emergency bodies.