Leveraging workflows integration for delivery and process performance

Always on the lookout for the needs of our customers, QinMedia develops tools to streamline the integration between our partners’ products porfolio and the most suitable solutions for the market.

QinMedia grows in a permanent development to offer new products fully matching the specifications required by our customers.


PC based XY type control panel for Imagine Communications Platinum video routers. Streamlines the daily operations through a user friendly GUI featuring full control of video and audio parameters.


ADC-100 Automation Playout system database synchronization tool. QMetaSync keeps ADC-100 database updated in real time with the actual Nexio server and Version Channel in a Box contents.


Automatic Ingest Control for Imagine Communications playout automation systems (ADC and D-Series)


Playout components and workflows integrated monitoring tool


Compressed video stream IP router based on COTS network electronics and managed by the award winning XY PC based panel QPanel.
Thanks to its unique architecture QMover integrates agnostically in an existing ecosystem, largely IP based MPEG-TS sources and destinations. It´s deployment doesn´t assume the management of third party devices through cumbersome protocols or API´s.
QRouter represents the final step leveraging the seamless transition of ASI routers, switchers or redundancy Changeovers towards the emerging IP world.


Q-Mover Core

Modular Media Asset Management package designed to cope with the necessity to streamline automatic transfer workflows in a user friendly and scalable way. Makes recurrent tasks as storage synchronization, folder based ingest, etc, easy and efficient.